About me

How did I start this whole internet thing

My name is Nwanaji Paschal and I am the founder of puredigitallifestyle.

I am an affiliate marketer, meaning I earn an income by selling existing products and services that I trust for a commission. Recently I joined the SFM, which has opened my eyes and made me realize that there truly is a way to balance work and life through the digital economy. I have created puredigitallifestyle to be the gateway to achieving my goal… which is to open the eyes of people (just like you) to create that ‘light bulb’ moment that sparks positive action in their lives.

Just being honest, I am not interested in speaking to people who want to ‘get rich quick’…because that does not exist. I am only here to speak to results-driven, hard-working go-getters who love a challenge…BUT, deep down they know that they are not satisfied and not really happy either.



One fateful day as I was getting ready to go to work, am usually gone before my family wakes up but this day as I was about to leave my son woke up and walked  towards me and he called (dad tom) in his little voice  meaning dad come, as he walked towards the living room and I followed him, he then stretch his little arms and I carried him and he slept off. I looked at the clock and it was time to leave for work and my son wants to sleep in my arms, (if he can’t sleep in my arms now when will he, when he is grown or when am retired, something is wrong and change is required). I did what I thought any dad will do I gave him a couple of minutes and he slept off and I put him back in bed, but it did not end there because on my way to work I was asking myself, why can’t I be with my family when they need me? I have sold myself for a paycheck and to make matters worse, if I want to go on holiday I need a permission from my manager, Change is needed and that day I decided to change the path I was in, to change my lifestyle.

As an affiliate marketer for the SFM, I am part of a community that understands people are at different places in their journey, so we only encourage people to take action in their own time. Whether that action is choosing to read a book, begin exercising or leaving a job to live the laptop lifestyle – it’s completely up to you.

The way I communicate is by sending emails and using social platforms to engage people with thought-provoking content that can get their mind going and help them in some way within their own life.  I would welcome and invite you to join our community when you are ready so I can introduce you to my own mentors Stuart and Jay at the SFM. They have helped so many people just like you move from the traditional economy and structure to the digital economy… where you can live life on your own terms.

If you want an introduction to what I actually do…just register your name and email address at the bottom of this page and I’ll send you through a free video series that will reveal how it can be done.